Sun Ra Vinyl Salvos Ready For Blast Off



Serious space cases can expect an intergalactic invasion of fresh vinyl from the former Herman Poole Blount, as news hits like a Halley’s comet about an approaching cache of Sun Ra booty.



Clipping at the heels of a trio of titanic coloured 10-inch EPs from the great galactico – Rocket Number Nine, Lady With The Golden Stockings and Nuclear War – Modern Harmonic are now readying themselves to release The Space Age Is Here To Stay, the first ever collection of Sun Ra’s vocal tracks, which will be made available on CD and coloured vinyl double-album this fall.


Both Lady With The Golden Stockings and The Space Age Is Here To Stay boast incredible sleeve designs from the king of astronomical art himself, Chesley Bonestell, while record jackets for the remaining titles star equally cosmic creations.  

– Spencer Grady

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