Empirical get set for Distraction Tactics EP launch at Ronnie's – exclusive live video



Multi-award winning London four-piece Empirical release the second part of two new EPs, Distraction Tactics, with a live launch at Ronnie Scott's on Monday 6 May. Released on 3 May on the band’s own label, Empirical Music, the new EP, and last year's Indifference Culture – are named after two compositions from the band’s bassist Tom Farmer, which, according to the group, “tap into the twin societal evils of the rise of social media-induced narcissism and diminishing empathy for our fellow human beings – trends that leave us ill-equipped to take on the orchestrators of today’s culture wars who seek to distract us with a constant stream of fake news and unprecedented political scandal”.

Featuring bassist Farmer, alto saxophonist Nathaniel Facey, drummer Shaney Forbes and vibraphonist Lewis Wright, the band taped the music immediately after a run of their relentless ‘pop-up’ shows, which saw them play 130 live sets to more than 8,000 unsuspecting commuters and shoppers in London, Berlin, Birmingham and Cheltenham – footage of which you can watch below. Commenting on the shows Farmer said: “After such an intense run of gigs we were completely fired up and it was a case of, let’s just play!”

For more info visit www.ronniescotts.co.uk/empirical 

Watch an exclusive live video of the band performing at last year's EFG London Jazz Festival here: