Dave Stapleton - Place Your Bets

Pianist Dave Stapleton is a driving force on the new Welsh scene, encouraging local activities not only by his own efforts as a pianist and band leader but also by acting as a record label boss, putting out his own music and recordings by musicians of the order of Keith Tippett. On the eve of the release of his latest quintet The House Always Wins Dave talks to Stuart Nicholson.
Dave Stapleton - Place Your Bets
“I have this big idea,” says Cardiff-based pianist and composer Dave Stapleton, “you don’t have to move to London to be successful! It may take a little longer for me to get noticed, but I’m determined to prove I’m right!” Maybe he’s got a point. Perhaps UK jazz scene is a bit London-centric. According to Stapleton we’re missing out on some exciting music made in the provinces, especially the fast emerging scene in Cardiff, where he is one of its key figures.

“South Wales is a very healthy for jazz,” he enthuses. “A lot of it is people who have graduated from the Welsh College of Music jazz course in Cardiff, people who have come into contact with Keith Tippett – who often lectures there – and they are really doing some original stuff. Since I graduated it’s been churning out a lot of great players. It could probably do with a bit more support from the Welsh Jazz Society, because I think if these bands were heard outside Wales more they’d surprise a lot of people.”

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