Jazzwise MPU 300-400-2

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Jazzwise Tommy Smith heads impressive UK showing at Rochester International Jazz Fest https://t.co/75ErRYhPNe https://t.co/kOKdwdPnJt
Jazzwise Michael Wollny Trio breeches the wall at Montpellier https://t.co/mIwaz0j6dd https://t.co/xcA9XH2wjq
Jazzwise Great live music in Brixton tonight at The Effra Tavern kicking off tonight w @WildCardCR https://t.co/sJHDIIm2EX https://t.co/wn4yTponug
Jazzwise Manchester Jazz Festival wins EJN Award for Adventurous Programming https://t.co/lZIC8dJaND https://t.co/3lTqHUmbGK
Jazzwise Interesting frolics in Shoreditch this weekend with @MeltYrselfDown and @SonsOfKemet https://t.co/F78BFLxhwz
Jazzwise Super cool new video from @LauraJurd and Dinosaur https://t.co/CRmRDk6xxd

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