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Jazzwise Anthony Braxton lights up The Lantern - great live review from @jazzyblogman @Colston_Hall
Jazzwise RT @AlexanderBone: Here's a lovely write up by @Jazzwise about the gig I had with @TheDaveHolland & @NYJC on Wednesday!
Jazzwise RT @ArtStageUK: #Gilad Atzmon on @Jazzwise cover.... JazzEast : Featuring #Gilad Atzmon // Sat 7 March // @KingsPlace Ticket:
Jazzwise Sid Peacock sets out with Surge Orchestra – “It’s Challenge Anneka on steroids” @mac_birmingham @sid1307
Jazzwise @BBCJazzon3 Matthew Garrison/Paco Sery or Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison or @DeJohnetteMusic + @TheDaveHolland w Miles in 1971 #toomanytomention
Jazzwise Dave Holland performs in the Houses of Parliament as part of @RoyalAcadMusic residency @TheDaveHolland

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