Dario ‘Rainote’ Chiazzolino – Paint Your Life ★★★



Dario ‘Rainote’ Chiazzolino (g), Taylor Eigsti (p), Marco Panascia (b) and Willie Jones III (d). Rec. 2011

Talented Italian guitarist Dario ‘Rainote’ Chiazzolino executes a cohesive and consistent vision on his 2013 album Paint Your Life. By this point a seemingly naturalised New York jazzman, Chiazzolino’s line-up reflects the move with hard bopper Willie Jones III on drums, fellow Italian Marco Panascia on double bass and the acclaimed pianist Taylor Eigsti, the last of whom is responsible for many of the disc’s most brilliant moments.

With overtones of Pat Metheny, the album casts off with a robust lop-sided groove on ‘Precious Things’ that gleefully capitalises on stark textures, switching time signatures and an expansive stop to immediately capture your senses. Pressing beyond the fast-paced opener, with stellar soloing from Chiazzolino and Eigsti, the soundscape settles down into a hip contemporary jazz. Chiazzolino’s compositions, which form the bulk of the tracks, are inventive, relaxed affairs that propel the tonality with the minimum of fuss. His team meanwhile are solid, highly proficient and maintain the smooth jazz style with confidence and flair.

Ultimately, the less-is-more approach pays memorable dividends on some of the Italian’s more intimate encounters, such as with the touching title track that closes proceedings. Light on dramatic catharsis yet brimming with pathos, the young Chiazzolino promises much with this smooth, largely unified work.

– Tommie Black-Roff