Randy Brecker with Michael Brecker | Some Skunk Funk

Unfortunately, this otherwise predictable (but still enjoyable) Breckers run out may take on a significance for all the wrong reasons in that it was one of Michael’s last recordings before his medical condition rendered him too poorly to play. Randy Brecker with Michael Brecker | Some Skunk Funk There’s no obvious signs of a diminution of powers here, although brother Randy takes more of the solos and is indeed in sparkling form. But Michael is far from slouching: on the classic rip-roarer ‘Sponge’ he’s as muscular as ever, and, like all great musicians he finds time and space to articulate his phrases despite the furious pace and cascades of notes careening around him. Randy likewise goes stratospheric on this and the opening ‘Skunk Funk’, but though it’s a pleasure as ever to hear the brothers, they’re a trifle caged within some leaden-footed arrangements. Much of this material is meant to be quick footed and rhythmically witty, but despite the best attempts of Erskine and Lee, the sheer weight of instrumentation summons up a vision of tap dancing in gumboots.