Dave Douglas | Keystone

The centrepiece of this 2-disc package is Fatty Arbuckle’s 1915 silent film Fatty and Mabel Adrift, for which Douglas has produced a score. Excellently mastered for DVD, the music comes timed to the movie, and runs as a continuous 34-minute package, plus a bonus suite built around other Arbuckle vignettes. Dave Douglas | KeystoneThe music has Douglas’ characteristic tonal range, from grungy Wurlitzer, scratch, drum ’n’ bass rhythms to moments of sublime acoustic jazz. But being a perfectionist, Dave has re-edited and repackaged the music for a companion CD, which allows each cue to extend into a full-length jazz composition. The concept works engagingly, with the listener drawn further into the music on one disc, but able to see exactly its context and inspiration on the other. Saft’s exploratory keyboard sounds chime with Olive’s creative DJ-ing, and Gene Lake underpins with a tasteful balance between genres. Strickland is particularly good in his lyrical soprano moments, but it’s Douglas’ gritty horn that once again anchors both versions of the music.