Dylan Howe Quintet - Translation Vol. 2 – Standards & Previews

Motorik MR 1002    ****
Howe (d), Quentin Collins (t), Brandon Allen (ts), Ross Stanley, Will Butterworth (p), Aidan O’Donnell and Chris Hill (b). Rec: 2005-2007
Dylan Howe Quintet - Translation Vol. 2 – Standards & Previews
Last year’s Translation by drummer Dylan’s group was arguably the most under-appreciated British CD. It was so much more than just another retro record in the Blue Note tradition. Volume 2 (only 50 minutes long, sadly) contains three more tracks from the same two nights during September 2005 at Dean Street’s Pizza Express. ‘Just in Time’ is stated mostly in unison and is mainly a feature for Quentin Collins, who sounds even better here than on his own album. ‘Out of the Night’ has some exceptional blues blowing that would have stood out on any Van Gelder studio session. For this writer, Brandon Allen is arguably the most exciting tenor player in Britain today. (A view seemingly shared by the legendary Stan Tracey, who uses him often). His phrasing is unashamedly emotional, soaked in the blues tradition. Sure, there’s some early Rollins and plenty of Coltrane in there, as exemplified in the long workout by tenor and drums on ‘Impressions’, recorded at The Eagle, Rochester. Howe really gets him going. Dylan’s thoughtful, well constructed solo workout on ‘Night and Day’ is also excellent. Apparently, after a 26-date tour through September and October, the band will split. What a shame, because it’s been a credit to UK jazz. However, the next phase is due to be Dylan Howe & The Subterraneans and there’s a preview of their direction in a demo version of the Bowie/Eno Warszawa, with more passionate tenor and drums, which promises plenty of competition for the likes of the various Seb Rochford etc groups,

Tony Hall

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