Custom EX Saxophone in White Lacquer


Yamaha recently debuted the highly-anticipated YAS-875EXW saxophone featuring vivid white and gold lacquering. Only 50 models of the YAS-875EXW saxophone will be produced and they will available for a limited-time.

 the highly-anticipated YAS-875EXW saxophone"The design of the EX line of saxophones is the result of painstaking research and trials," said Kurt Witt, marketing manager, Yamaha Winds. "This amazing instrument reveals the inner feelings of saxophonists who play all different styles of music. Its striking beauty, quick response and rich sound make it the perfect embodiment of Yamaha."

The YAS-875EXW saxophone features a smooth, quick response along with a deep, refined sound full of rich colors. It also comes with quick and nimble action, a wide dynamic range, stunning projection and an authoritative tone produced by a beautifully defined total core. Known for their flexibility, the EX saxophones are appropriate for a wide range of musicians and styles. The custom necks enhance tonal resonance and give a quicker, more comfortable response. Additionally, the sax features a two-point bell brace for better efficiency.