Trevor James Performers/ Masters Alto Flutes


With its dark ethereal tones, the Alto Flute is seeing something of a renaissance, particularly in jazz circles, and the Trevor James company have just produced a couple of excellent silver plated models in the shape of the “Performers” and the “Masters.” Both instruments come with a hand cut embouchure hole and blow like a dream, offering the player extraordinary tonal flexibility, while the double skin yellow pads give an accurate airtight seal that produces a clear and immediate response every time a key is pressed. Indeed the whole key mechanism on both of these flutes has been designed to give the very best in comfort and ease of playing. The Masters model though is exceptional, with a 925 solid silver head joint and French style pointed key arm mechanism. We reckon that this is a flute that will outshine many twice the price. If you prefer a curved head joint, you’ll enjoy playing the silver plated Performers, which also comes with a straight head joint or a combined double head package. The Masters however, only sports a straight head joint. But whichever way you look at it, these flutes are very definitely where it’s at.