Hummingbird Alto


This is the one you’ve all been waiting for – as played by our very own Courtney Pine. Selmer Paris have marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Bird, by adding a special edition alto to the ‘Reference’ collection. It features a unique acoustic tube that has a particular body/bow/bell assembly, paired up with an original neck design that not only offers greater flexibility and a more natural positioning through the different angle and bore, but that also sports the unique engraved Hummingbird. The leather keypads feature a plastic booster which contributes to the roundness of sound, which is further enhanced by the hand finished, hard rubber “super session” mouthpiece. This has been especially designed for jazz players, to give power and projection without those forceful, aggressive qualities. The mouthpiece also has a specific ‘Bird’ ligature, specially made by Ligaphone to optimise the acoustic qualities of the instrument. As if all this wasn’t enough to tempt every altoist on the planet, the horn comes in it’s very own compact and luxurious imitation leather case, that not only gives excellent protection, but also adds to the overall ‘style’. Classy or what!