Antigua Tenor


This solid looking tenor sax from American ‘Antigua Winds’ is aimed squarely at the music student/semi-professional market. With a key work setup that is as close as you’ll get to the Selmer Series 2, it is a superbly built instrument with a very responsive and solid action. The well finished top post and the excellent octave mechanism contribute to the overall quality feel, while certain details, such as the strong springs and metal rather than plastic reflectors in the pods – a sure sign of a good resonator – give further weight to the Antigua’s classy credentials. This horn has also got great dynamics and the tuning isn’t bad either, with our sample effortlessly hitting middle and top Eb in tune. The tone is in the easy/ mellow vein, but has an edge that will please the hard bopper. Coming with an excellent padded strap, a 4C generic mouthpiece and a medium 3 reed, the whole kit is packed into a high quality preformed ABS case with key locks and top and side handles.