Selmer ‘La Vie’


The Selmer ‘La Vie’ range hails from the American Conn connection and is a superb example of quality Taiwanese workmanship. OK, this isn’t a Parisien peach, but it does have a lot to shout about! The ‘La Vie’ range covers both Alto and Tenor instruments, the AS/TS 250 combines a red brass neck, body and bow with a yellow brass bell, while the AS/TS 240 features a bronze neck, body and bow with a similarly attached yellow brass bell.

Coming with high Gs, the overall setup of these instruments is very similar to the 80s Mk2 with Mk3 palm keys. Our Alto samples had a very solid feel and were well built with superb attention to detail. The key action on both instruments was very positive with firm springing and no “clanking”, although our bronze model was a little “foggy” through the bottom C to G. Both the AS250 and AS240 had good intonation and were easy to play. However, we found the AS240 Bronze a mite too bright for the sound that is normally associated with bronze bodied instruments, its overall colours more suited to a classical palette. By contrast, the red brass AS250 shone like a beacon, with a more flexible sound and great dynamics right through the range from pianissimo to fortissimo - there was generally a lot more guts to this instrument – a true jazzer!