LeBlanc Bliss Clarinet


LEBLANC-BLISS-CLARINETComing with a distinctive modernistic preformed bell, there are no metal joints to the body of this clarinet. But there is a fitted rubber seal on the thumb rest so you don’t have to go out and buy one. The standard keywork is nicely finished and well sprung and feels very solid with a positive action and there’s a nice light action through the throat register and both the intonation and articulation are excellent. Sonically, the dynamic range of this instrument is nothing less than remarkable, particularly in the upper register. Low notes are also very good allowing the player to perform with complete confidence. The instrument has a warm tone and would be equally at home in either a jazz group or chamber orchestra. Packed into what is fast becoming the musician’s standard instrument case, now a rucksack, with three zippered compartments, one of which has a heavy duty key clasp and phone pocket, while the main compartment has the usual preformed velvetine lined base and top for the instrument parts. There is also a top grab handle and a basic lightly padded back harness. This instrument could well become a benchmark for the future.

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