Vandoren M/O Ligatures


VANDOREN-M O-LIGATURESThe M/O ligature fuses the best features of both the Master and Optimum ligatures, with a quick response and a crisp articulation that players have come to expect from Vandoren products. Constructed from a lightweight brass, the basis of the design of the M/O ligature is that it should freely interact and sympathetically resonate with the reed, rather than impede and constrict its motion. To this end, the M/O has been given a unique double-track mechanism that provides uniform, symmetrical suspension across both sides of the reed with a single screw inverted on the opposite side of the reed, that delivers sufficient torque to hold it in place without suffocating it.

There is also an independent collar with a formed channel that has two small contact points, so avoiding any side contact or lateral compression that might interfere with the reed. Using the Optimum ligature special thread design also means that it only takes a few turns to tighten the screw, a real advantage when you need to quick reed change. With a model for every sax and clarinet, this is one ligature that certainly deserves a test run.

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