Peerless Monarch KA guitar


The Peerless brand has been going from strength to strength since its instruments came on to the UK market just over a year ago. The Monarch, which is just one of the models in the jazz range, is a full 17-inch single cutaway and comes in all solid tonewoods with a rosewood fretboard, tailpiece and pick guard plus quality Grover machine heads. Originally available with just the standard Peerless floating pick up, it can now be purchased with a mellow voiced Kent Armstrong unit, hence the KA, which adds a whole new dimension to the dynamics of the instrument.

The Kent Armstrong pickup is a far more sensitive unit than the generic Peerless model and seems to find all the subtle characteristics of the big 17-inch sound chamber. The Monarch always delivered a meaty full sound, with plenty of punch, separation and clarity. However, with the addition of the Kent Armstrong set up there is now a defined edge and depth to the timbre as well as an added warmth and sonic spaciousness. Good quality and competitively priced. Go to