Yamaha Bossa Nova Guitar


This latest offering from the Yamaha acoustic stable has all the style of a true Brazilian Bossa instrument – the matt top table, the ebony board and the stumped headstock with its gold and mock Agate machine heads. The top table is made from solid spruce, while the two piece back and the sides come in cypress. The neck, like those of many new instruments, is made from Nato as opposed to other less plentiful hardwoods and has a surprisingly shallow ‘U’ profile, but is super smooth and a dream to play from. With a 650mm string scale and a 53mm nut, the Bossa Nova follows classic lines down to its stepped 3rd rosewood bridge, which is beautifully finished, although oddly decorated with a traditional Inca motif, which also appears on the backplate. Factory set action was perfect for light fingers, while the tone and volume are well balanced over the full range of the instrument, with an overall warmth and plenty of width on the treble in true Yamaha fashion. Intonation on our sample was spot on and harmonics came through bright and clear. The Bossa Nova is definitely a class act, offering armfuls of attack if you want to dig deep, while at the same time giving a defined clarity for solo work.