Michael Messer Lightning Resonator Guitar


Michael Messer has been playing resonator guitars for more years than he probably cares to remember! A highly accomplished player on the international circuit, he is also a major authority on the instrument. Such is his love for the spun aluminium cone, the steel body and the sound that it delivers, that he decided to make affordable replicas of the original 1930’s instruments, so that even more players could get the buzz of playing one of these unique guitars.

Sourced from a small, dedicated Chinese workshop, these instruments have been made to Messer’s specific specifications. As he says, the basic set-up and tooling means that these instruments are made in a very similar way to the originals. Authenticity is certainly key here. Not only does the Lightning look every inch like its original buddy with its open tuner headstock, deep neck profile and body dimensions, but it actually sounds like those classic instruments. Clearly not a corner has been cut. The cone delivers plenty of power and that typical resonator character is all in there. There’s a clarity to the tone – it’s sweet and round and not at all raspy. I tried our sample with a nut riser and found that the Lightning delivers the same authentic sounds when being played as a lap steel.

Messer also supplies ‘The Blues’, a slightly cheaper, un-plated version of the same instrument. Both come in a robust, zippered, semi-hard, plush lined, shaped nylon denier covered case with a large zippered front pocket, a wrapped webbed grab handle and a twin strap back harness.

For more go to www.michaelmesser.co.uk