Gitane DG455 Electro Acoustic Guitar


A few years back , the American Saga company produced the Gitane range of “Gypsy Jazz” guitars, which were to all intents and purposes a carbon copy of the original Selmer instruments, only with a more playable neck. The DG455 is a slimmed down, electrified version of the very popular DG250, the “petite bouche” model. The guitar that will always be associated with Django.

Made to the same high standards as the other models in the Gitane range, the DG455 comes with solid rosewood back and sides and a select spruce top. The ebony fingerboard plays like a slab of black marble and the “one-piece” mahogany neck is super fast and extremely comfortable. The 1 3/4 inch deep rims make the instrument feel more like an electric rather than an acoustic guitar, but there is an incredible acoustic resonance and response, which is quite surprising. Fitted with Fishman’s very latest Aura System, a Saga exclusive, which produces an extraordinarily pure and natural sound, the DG455 sings like a bird with the Aura system literally amplifying all those inherent acoustic tonal and timbral qualities without any colouration whatsoever. If however you want to add some tonal shading and effects, then the Aura’s state-of-the-art electronics will colour the sound while still retaining that all important ‘clean’ character.

I have only one reservation. The Aura system has necessitated making the bridge/saddle a much more chunky affair than on the DG250 acoustic model. This has had the consequence of producing a much higher playing action than the acoustic models, which is one of the reasons why the acoustic models sold in truck loads. The DG455 is not cheap, but it is unique. There is no other instrument on the market that will reproduce a feedback free authentic Hot Club sound without the need for intricate ‘off board’ mic’ing. It also comes in a snazzy tan, faux leather, custom built, plush lined and padded ‘Superior’ case.

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