NS CRT Double Bass


The new CRT Double Bass, is the latest in the line of the CR series of solid bodied stringed instruments by the Ned Steinburger company. Set up and built specifically to satisfy the preferences of the acoustic upright player, the CRT carries a higher string tension and action than its CR cousin. Using a specially designed D’Addario Acoustic Helicore Hybrid string allows the player to “dig in” as might be the case on an acoustic instrument, delivering a classic upright tone that is both warm and percussive, while also having a great response to the bow. There is also the useful addition of a small brass button to the back of the neck, that provides a tactile reference for the traditional ‘D Neck’ position. Coming in four or five string versions, the CRT is fitted with a standard piezo bridge pick up, as opposed to the polar pick up of the CR, and is probably as close as you’re ever likely to get to the sound and response of an acoustic instrument.