Sandarac Bass


A Bulgarian hand crafted string bass made to order and customised in the UK to the player’s specific needs. Sounds good? It is and you won’t have to take out a second mortgage. Made out of locally sourced tone woods kiln dried in the traditional manner, this very pretty instrument comes in three quarter size as well as full size with a variety of finishes. It has a warm “woody” but lively timbre particularly in the lower register and is well balanced across the full range with excellent sustain and harmonic response. Playing is a pleasure, the neck is neither too deep or too wide and there aren’t any rough edges underneath the fingerboard. Indeed, the craftsmanship of this bass is remarkable with a beautifully carved swell back, ebony detailing to the heel of the neck and a nicely fluted ebony tailpiece. Topped by German-made individual French-style machine heads tailed by a very solid brass threaded rubber foot, this bass has both character and class. Info: