Lakland Bass Guitar


This Joe Osborn signature 5 string Lakland jazz style bass is a real feast for the eyes – and it’s not a bad player either! Designed in Chicago but built in Korea, this instrument is carefully crafted from quality wood with a swamp ash body, maple neck and super smooth rosewood fingerboard. The scalloped body is fitted with two single pole jazz style pick ups, tone and volume controls and a 3-ply traditional cream pick guard. The neck is modelled along the lines of the 60s/70s Precision and is super slick, with a solid five screw attachment to the body. The fingerboard is fitted with 22 surprisingly light frets. Apart from the superb finishing, this instrument has clearly been “thought through” in the R&D department. Rolled Precision style bridge adjusters with a shallow shoulder minimise the possibility of string break, while the nut clamp bringing the strings down from the nut head keeps the tuning nice and tight. Sustain on this instrument is excellent, due no doubt to the thru’ body construction, with the five strings being capped off at the head by five solid open geared ‘screw head’ Fender style machine heads. The action is also excellent, with spot on intonation and a clean, clear tone even in the third position. As an all round 5 stringer, this Lakland Joe Osborn is hard to beat but as a slap bass, it’s sensational  For more info go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.