Coda Carbon Fibre Bass Bow


There has recently been a great deal of concern amongst bass players (and other string players) over bows being impounded along with their instruments by American customs, on the basis that they are made out of endangered tropical woods. Um! Enter the US made carbon fibre CodaBow. Lightweight, and clearly manufactured to the highest tolerances, the CodaBow makes an interesting addition to the bass players arsenal. Everything about this bow screams quality, especially the finish of the stick, the shaping and contouring of the ‘frog’ and the use of the finest stallion horsehair. Comparing the CodaBow to the traditional Pernumbuco wood bow does throw up a few interesting anomalies and there are certain adjustments to be made in the playing style. Because of its lightweight and seemingly less flexible stick, the player has to work very hard to achieve a similar volume of sound to a comparable wooden bow. The sound that the CodaBow produced on test was thinner and colder than a wooden bow, and seems to offer less in the lower harmonics. However, there are certain instances where this may suit a particular performance. Overall, an interesting and useful addition to the bass player’s sound palette, that will presumably pass safely through any port of entry in the US. For more info visit or