The Soundpost Sinfonica String Bass


Affordable quality basses are not easy to come by, so when the Sinfonica turned up – we were intrigued. Made in China out of the highest grade “cold grown” solid spruce, with a beautifully hand carved back and front, the Sinfonica is not a “production line” model, but one that is hand built. Not only is the Sinfonica made from quality tone woods, but there is a staggering attention to detail on this instrument. For example, the rubber foot is screw threaded. The pin is held in place by a nylon insert and brass collar and yacht wire is used to hold the tailpiece to the peg – a true sign of a quality instrument. The use of the French Despiau bridge once again reflects the Sinfonica’s pedigree, while the ebony fingerboard is like a highly polished slab of black marble. The Sinfonica is fitted with German-made machine heads with stainless steel worm gears and brass cogs that offer no resistance and give a smoothness and control that bassists would normally only find on the “high end” electric cousins. In the volume stakes the Sinfonica carries plenty of power, with a rich timbre and full tone.

The quality of sound is remarkably clean – you can clearly hear all the overtones. Harmonics are very pronounced and ring out perfectly with great depth and excellent sustain – Spirocore strings come as standard. The whole comes in a soft padded case with five handles, two face pockets, a bow bag and a large “score” pocket to the rear. The Sinfonica bass is proof if ever it was needed, that with the right quality controls in place, some Chinese factories are now making musical instruments to centuries old European standards. Highly recommended. For info: