Sei Single Cuttaway Bass Guitar


A graduate of the London School of Furniture Making, Martin Petersen first started designing basses in the early-1990s. The first of these were exotic looking headless 5-string basses, using a seven-piece neck through design, with stunning burl top wood facings such as thuya, buckeye and lace woods, which were finished in high-gloss, or brushed gloss to create some truly extraordinary instruments. He’s since broadened the range of designs available to include the Flamboyant, ‘Millennium’, ‘Single Cuttaway’, (pictured) as well as the standard Jazz style, which all come with an array of custom shop options, including a suitable mix of pickups and electronics to suit the individual player’s sonic desires. Be it piezo bridge pickups or the eye catching LED fretboard lights, there are numerous possibilities for creating your very own dream instrument.But for all these ‘cosmetic’ features, Sei basses remain extremely playable, with a full, consistent warm tone, where each note you play has both depth and clarity. Petersen has recently pushed the boundaries of his considerable luthiering skills to produce such extreme basses as an eight string fretless and a guitar bass hybrid for acclaimed session man Pino Palladino. Other names among the jazz fraternity who’ve commissioned Petersen to make them a bass include ‘Level’ Neville Malcolm, Anthony Tidd, Dave Marks and Rufus Philpot. Each of these basses is unique. They may not be cheap, but they’re built to last a lifetime.  For more go to