Bassix Newtech - Upright Bass


This is truly space age stuff. Based on the “stick” bass, this new upright is about as cool as it gets. Made out of modern composite materials and using a revolutionary harmonic generator system, the instrument comes in three separate sections: the body, the end pin and the quarter “shadow” profile. Setting up the bass couldn’t be easier and can be done in a matter of seconds by feeding the endpin through the hole in the profile and then attaching it by means of a sturdy screw and rolled nylon nut to the back of the body, before finally attaching the profile section, once again to the back of the body, by means of a second screw and nut system. And in the playing position, it’s surprising how natural it all feels with the preformed ‘horn’ placed perfectly for the octave.

Being made entirely from composite materials means that there is no movement or physical variation when climatic conditions change – a real bonus where temperature and humidity are an issue. The harmonic generator is set in a small acoustic chamber behind the fingerboard with volume, bass and treble settings, so that the player can adjust the levels to their own sonic preference. The adjustable bridge sits above two piezo pickups, with a jack socket set just below at the bottom of the fingerboard.

Fitted with Presto nylon wound strings, it was surprising how close our sample instrument got to sounding like a traditional string bass with the volume set on full and the treble setting slightly higher than the bass. I was also amazed by the amount of sustain that could be achieved.

It would seem like the perfect instrument for the bass guitar player who’s looking for a completely different sound and the challenge of an upright. That said, I can see seasoned string bassists looking at the lightweight and compact nature of the instrument, the surprisingly “true” sound and thinking – that will do nicely!

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