Zildjian K Custom Hybrid


These brand new K Custom Hybrid cymbals are just what the doctor ordered – a cymbal line with maximum versatility, where a natural brilliance and darkness co-exist to create a magical palette of sound. Designed in collaboration with top Japanese drummer Akira Jimbo, the Hybrid cymbals bring a new and innovative design to cymbal making, combining the unlathed, brilliant finish of the K Custom Ride on the inner half, with the traditionally finished K Zildjian lathing on the outer half. This offers the possibility of two different sound dynamics, depending of course on where the cymbal is played. Added to this, the unlathed section helps to control the wash and sustain, making these Hybrids ideal for recording and live situations. Particularly interesting is the new ‘Hybrid hammering’ to the 13 inch hi-hat, resulting in an increased surface area contact between the top and bottom cymbals. This gives a warmer chick and wash than is normally found in standard Mastersound