Istanbul 25th Anniversary Ride Cymbal


If you’re looking for a ride cymbal that has all those dark, hand hammered chracteristics, then look no further, this Istanbul 25th Anniversary 20 inch ride is as cool as they come. Thin and flat, this cymbal has a special process applied to the finishing on the outside of the cymbal that gives it a distinctly blue hue and seems to limit the amount the cymbal will open up producing a more unified sound. With a very low pitch, it has a dark, deep tone with a wet, splashy character and a shimmering crash that is not too “pingy”. We really liked the stick sound. But beware, this cymbal is a true jazzer and won’t thank you for getting really stuck in, as the wash will quickly build up to a roar and could easily swamp the sound. Treat it nice and gentle and you can be sure it will deliver all those subtle old ‘K’ type characteristics that you’ve been looking for.