New Zildjian K Cymbals


Zildjian have recently further extended their K range of cymbals, with the release of the 22 inch K Dark Medium, the super sized 24 inch K Light Ride and a couple of new Light HiHats. The 22-inch Dark Medium features a large bell for excellent projection together with special hammering and lathing to open up the cymbal for broad tonal complexities and a darker, warmer sound. The exclusive “pin” lathing enhances the “crashability” and gives the cymbal an appearance similar to that of 1960’s Ks. The 24 inch Light Ride is a first within the K range. Its light weight provides a multiplicity of sound, with a dark pitch that offers plenty of overtones and crashability. The bell is smaller than that normally found on a K Ride, and gives a good stick definition with a controlled wash. Finally, for those who are really looking to push the envelope, there are the 13 inch and 14 inch Light Hats. This pair is lower in pitch than traditional K Hats (although the 13 is higher in pitch than the 14) and feature a medium-thin top for a broader range of tonal colours, paired with a medium bottom to ensure that solid “chick” sound.