Yamaha YD9000 ‘Washi’ 40th Anniversary Kit


Never one to miss a birthday celebration, Yamaha have decided to reissue their legendary YD9000 drums. Based on the original specifications, this limited edition kit incorporates all the features and innovations that have been developed throughout Yamaha’s illustrious 40 year history.  As on the original kits, all Birch shells are combined with the original R3 bearing edge, giving that unique Yamaha Birch sound that drummers drool over. Traditional “one-piece” lugs, again a YD9000 standard, are used in conjunction with vintage hoops to draw out the maximum potential of the drums, while high pressure bonding to the shells allows for some severe tuning. The 22” bass drum comes in 7 ply, with the two floor toms, two tom toms and snare coming in 6. ‘Washi’ is all down to the finish. These unique drums are wrapped in traditional Japanese Washi paper, as used in traditional Japanese arts, with artwork depicting scenes from the Genpei War, a full ten centuries ago.