Trueline 7A Diamond Grip Jazz Model Drumsticks


Vermont-based Trueline make a great play of the fact that their sticks are handcrafted and not mass produced. They don’t churn out sticks by the thousand, but instead make a high quality product in smaller numbers where each stick is individually crafted to exacting standards. Turned on back knife lathes from premium grade select Hickory and Rock Maple, which has been kiln dried to strict moisture levels to achieve an optimum balance between durability and flexibility, each stick is carefully matched for colour, weight and pitch. My interest was alerted, having noted that the company has just launched a new triplet of 7A Hickory Jazz sticks with the Diamond Grip model being perhaps the most interesting of the three – the others being the Standard Grip and the Power Grip (on which the jury is still out). The Diamond Grip features a patent pending diamond surface pattern that is etched into the wood giving, so the marketing blurb tells us, better grip as sweat is channelled away from the surface of the hand. These sticks are certainly light weight and well balanced and sceptical as I might have been, what at first seemed like a gimmick does actually work!   For more go to