Zildjian K Constantinople Range


Four new 20 and 22 inch ride cymbals have been added to the already popular premium K Constantinople range. The new K Constantinople Hi Bell Rides use a bell shape that was modeled after a 100 year-old pair of Zildjian Orchestral cymbals, where the larger surface area of the bell provides a wider range of frequencies. They are produced using a combination of traditional K Constantinople lathing and innovative “Spiral” lathing techniques. This new technique of Spiral lathing allows the cymbal to remain controlled while still making the Ride “crashable” and delivering an articulate stick sound. The Spiral lathing is employed from the bell to the middle of the cymbal only, with traditional lathing on the remainder of the cymbal. Particularly interesting is the 22 inch Hi Bell Dry Ride, that is the only one of the four to feature full spiral lathing, which prevents the cymbal from opening up as much as the half spiral models, while still keeping it crashable. A delight.