Istanbul Epoch Lenny White Signature 22” Ride Cymbal


This signature Lenny White is large and light and is beautifully hand-hammered. It has a very small bell, so has a very controllable wash and when hit hard it doesn’t build up too much and get overpowering, which is really something for a 22”. It’s great for riding on and retains excellent stick definition. The overall sound is very much that of a 60s K, but although the tones are dark, it wasn’t as dark as I expected. I reckon that it would record really well, as it’s not only got those dark undertones, but it is also nice and bright. Overall, it’s a very versatile cymbal that will fit easily and effectively into many different setups. It would seem to be ideal for recreating those 60s R&B/jazz sounds – particularly if you didn’t want to gig those old original Ks! Would I change anything? No. Except that I wouldn’t mind having a slightly larger bell for when I’m in a Latin mood.For more go to