Aquarian DeJohnette Drum Heads


Endorsed by one of the jazz world’s finest, you’d expect these black coated heads from Aquarian to stand out both in style and sound – and you won’t be disappointed. We fitted our sample set to a Pearl kit with a brass, nickel plated Sensitone snare – black on black really does look the business with the coating running right over the rim, rather than just across the top. The single ply snare head has a very rough texture and works particularly well with brushes, giving greater volume than a standard head, and offering a lovely relaxed, clear, well defined sound. By contrast, the heavily textured head dulls the stick sound – there’s no need for any extra external dampening here. We found that the best results were achieved by tuning the heads of both the snare and toms to a higher tension, which gave greater clarity and more projection to their inherent dry and funky character. Given the extra volume of the brush wires on the snare, we reckon that these DeJohnette heads would be perfect for acoustic sessions. And they’ll also make a great teaching tool, as the brush wires and sticks clearly stand out against the black skins.

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