DW Jazz Series Drums

Looking to recreate the definitive jazz drum sound of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, California-based Drum Workshop have designed a new thin 8 ply maple and gum wood drum shell based on vintage models that has a similar dark, warm sound but with the clarity and attack required in today’s music. The Jazz Series shells also have a newly designed ‘Butter Edge’ bearing edge that is slightly rounder than regular DW shells and works in-conjunction with die-cast hoops to produce a wide tuning range with bags of resonance.

All DW Jazz Series shells are timbre matched for tuning compatibility and come with DW’s classic round tuning lugs, suspended tom mounts and coated DW drum heads. Being DW of course these Jazz Series drums are available in a more sizes than you can shake a stick, including traditional, standard, fast tom, and alternate tom sizes, bass drums in standard, traditional and alternate sizes and snare drums in head diameters from 10in to 15in and depths from 4in to 8in. Finishes are plentiful too and can be ordered in a multitude of styles from natural and exotic woods to stunning sparkle lacquers. For more go to www.morico.co.uk