Puresound Custom Pro Series Snare Wires

These 20-strand Custom Pro brass snare wires are the latest addition to the much heralded Puresound range. They come in 13” and 14” snare drum sizings and are shipped with Speed Release Straps, which makes for a speedy turnaround should you want to change your wires in a hurry. We tried out the CPB1420 and found that there was certainly a warmer tonal response than on our bulk standard wires. But are we really going to want to change over snare wires when we’re half way through a gig? We think not.

The CPB 1420 certainly has that definable brass brightness and resonance and like all Puresound products is made from the highest quality materials. If you’ve never experienced Puresound we recommend that you give these a try and we can confidently predict that you won’t be disappointed.

For more go to www.puresoundpercussion.com