Impression Jazz & Dry Jazz Cymbals

In mid 2010 four experienced Turkish cymbal smiths got together and decided to produce cymbals that would be manufactured using only traditional methods ie: coal, wood and hammers – with no machines automating the hammering. Given the background of the artisans, it is not surprising that the Impression cymbals closely resemble other leading Turkish brands. The cymbal make up formula like all cast cymbals is however, described as a “secret recipe”. We sampled the 20” Ride Jazz and Dry Jazz models. In a big band setting the cymbals were used “in partnership” to create two distinctive Ride colours – which worked perfectly. The sound of the Dry Jazz model exactly matches the hand hammered, rawness of the cymbal’s unlathed appearance. Stick definition is excellent with a very low smoky feel. This cymbal is capable of handling every volume level, but showed it’s real class when backing a soloist, where the subtleties of colour and character really shone through.

The Jazz model is a lively, shimmering Ride. It’s thinness means that it moves around a lot – especially when played near the edge. This might produce a pleasing effect, but we reckon that the Jazz works best when the ride pattern is played mid cymbal – although there is still some movement in this position. The overall tone of this cymbal is lower than we expected, but this of course helped in the ‘partnership’ with the even lower rawness of the Dry Jazz model. Once again, this cymbal gave excellent stick definition and carried a shimmering under wash. Interestingly, both cymbals have a smaller than normal bell and this slightly reduces the volume of any “bell effects”. With all Impression cymbals being signed beneath the bell by the individual cymbal smith, these cymbals ooze quality and compare favourably with other models two or three times the price. There is just one thing that is slightly OTT though – that Impression Logo!

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