Never one to miss a birthday celebration, Yamaha have decided to reissue their legendary YD9000 drums. Based on the original specifications, this limited edition kit incorporates all the features and innovations that have been developed throughout Yamaha’s illustrious 40 year history.  As on the original kits, all Birch shells are combined with the original R3 bearing edge, giving that unique Yamaha Birch sound that drummers drool over. Traditional “one-piece” lugs, again a YD9000 standard, are used in conjunction with vintage hoops to draw out the maximum potential of the drums, while high pressure bonding to the shells allows for some severe tuning. The 22” bass drum comes in 7 ply, with the two floor toms, two tom toms and snare coming in 6. ‘Washi’ is all down to the finish. These unique drums are wrapped in traditional Japanese Washi paper, as used in traditional Japanese arts, with artwork depicting scenes from the Genpei War, a full ten centuries ago.

Part of a new upgraded range from the Gibraltar group, this stylish, extraordinarily lightweight dome-shaped perch finished in super tough leatherette, uses top grade foam for maximum support and comes with a plush velveteen cover for extra comfort. The solid double braced steel tripod base is exceptionally well engineered with large easily accessible wing and hex nuts, while a sure footing is guaranteed with Gibraltar’s new ergonomic rubber “super foot”, which on the test rig provided very good stability and reliable grip. Added security is provided by a cast super lock seat fastening system that combines a memory lock with the usual collar clamp.  For more info go to

Zildjian have recently further extended their K range of cymbals, with the release of the 22 inch K Dark Medium, the super sized 24 inch K Light Ride and a couple of new Light HiHats. The 22-inch Dark Medium features a large bell for excellent projection together with special hammering and lathing to open up the cymbal for broad tonal complexities and a darker, warmer sound. The exclusive “pin” lathing enhances the “crashability” and gives the cymbal an appearance similar to that of 1960’s Ks. The 24 inch Light Ride is a first within the K range. Its light weight provides a multiplicity of sound, with a dark pitch that offers plenty of overtones and crashability. The bell is smaller than that normally found on a K Ride, and gives a good stick definition with a controlled wash. Finally, for those who are really looking to push the envelope, there are the 13 inch and 14 inch Light Hats. This pair is lower in pitch than traditional K Hats (although the 13 is higher in pitch than the 14) and feature a medium-thin top for a broader range of tonal colours, paired with a medium bottom to ensure that solid “chick” sound.

Looking for extra control on your drum heads? These new EC2 Tom skins feature an ‘Edge Control’ ring mounted underneath two plies of 7mil film, which controls rather than eliminates edge vibration by isolating and damping the higher overtones, while at the same time enhancing the low end and the overall attack. The ring also enables the player to set up a much broader tuning range, so adding extra versatility and dynamics to the kit. Coming in sizes 8-16, there’s plenty of scope for some creative tunings!

The hand crafted Legacy Classic line is based on a new and improved version of Ludwig’s legendary, reinforced 3-ply drumshells with their magical balance of warmth, resonance and clarity. Like the original shells, the exclusive Legacy Classic shells are made from thin, hand-selected inner and outer plies of premium-grade North American Maple and a ross-laminated North American Poplar core ply. This traditional formula is then augmented by maple reinforcement hoops and rounded, “Classic-Cut” vintage-style bearing edges. In addition to their performance proven traditional shell design, Legacy Classic also features newly developed manufacturing methods along with a host of upgrades and innovations, such as low-mass “mini-classic” lugs, traditional “keystone” badges and genuine Weathermaster drumheads. Due to their handcrafted, labour intense nature, there will initially be only two Legacy Classic shell-pack configurations offered. However, the kits will be available in a wide selection of finish options that include new high-gloss, hand-rubbed Emerald Fade Sparkle (EG) and Rose/Copper Sparkle (RG) lacquers as well as high-gloss versions of all current Ludwig Classic Maple lacquer finishes. For info go to

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