Sabian HHX Fusion HiHats


A new range of hihat cymbals that combine the dark tones and crisp stick articulation favoured by jazz drummers with the volume and power to cut through high volume front lines has been launched by Sabian.


The HHX Fusion Hats, part of the company’s Modern Dark series, are top-end B20 cast bronze models and come in 13in and 14in sizes with different type cymbals on the top and bottom, hence the term ‘Fusion’. The top cymbal is a HHX series, medium weight, pin-lathed model while the bottom is a heavy, HH un-lathed, hand-hammered type. The combination of the smooth top cymbal and raw bottom produces a dark, well defined stick sound with a strong foot pedal ‘chick’ while the HHX top, with the new Tone Projection design, adds the extra volume to cut through a big band’s horn barrage or the roar from a wall of Marshalls. (JN) For more go to