AAD The Cub Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


This extraordinary little beast (170mm x 300mm x 320mm) weighs in at just over the 5Kg mark and incorporates a PJB 100watt Solid State class AB amplifier. Yes – you did read that right! The marketing blurb tells me that nothing this small, with this performance, has ever been created before. I’m looking at it and thinking what the spread of two five inch speakers might be like – whatever the claims made. The two 5 inch proprietary neo-power extended range drivers sit one atop the other behind a nylon mesh screen within the solid case with its steel reinforced corners. To the back of the cabinet there is a very simple, clean control panel – there are no gimmicks here. Alongside the Level dial and the input jack is a high/low impedance switch, while to the right is a 3 band EQ and FX send and return sockets. Below the grill is the AC power output and accompanying switch, while to the right is a line output for driving a second amplifier and a useful ground lift switch to eliminate hum. Set next to this is a tuner/line out and an XLR balanced line out for use with recording and PA mixing consoles.

Plugged in, I’m offered a very clean, smooth, warm sound – not that dissimilar to those old Polytones. Although the overall sound is good, there is a discernable lack of definition and there is very little head on the treble end. I’m thinking, has this little baby been designed by a bass player – there’s plenty of volume and it’s certainly clean right the way through. But apart from the clean sounds and its straightforward nature, the real beauty of ‘The Cub’ is its size. And to make the most of its portability potential, the guys at AAD have given this amplifier a very snug little padded carrying case with a tough denier cover, that has a large face pocket for mains and jack leads, a grab handle and a tough padded shoulder strap with strong carabiner style clips and ‘D’ rings. Sling it over your shoulder and you’re away.

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