Trace Elliot A8 1000 – 12/1210 Combo


The resurrection of Trace Elliot amps is great news for bass players who only a few years ago mourned the passing of the original marque. The new Trace Elliot company has introduced a completely new product range utilising studio quality integrated circuitry throughout. Although there are various models in the new line up, we chose to feature the top of the range 1000 watt A81000 – 12 head and the 500 watt 1210 combo, which both feature Trace Elliot’s famous 12-band graphic EQ. The A8 1000 – 12 head can be paired up with either a 4 X 10 or a 2 X 10 Celestion configuration, both with high frequency horns, while the 1210 is loaded with two 10 inch Celestions. Not only do these new sound systems sound as good as – if not better than their original stablemates – but they also look the business, finished in the original black livery and coming in embroided covers.