JazzKat Guitar Amp


This neat little 110 watt amp with its angled control panel is a welcome addition to the jazz guitarist’s arsenal. With two separate input lines, loop option, XLR, phone, external speaker socket and a digital effects base, this is a serious piece of kit. There are a staggering 16 reverb settings, from Hall 1, through Chorus 2 to Rotary, many of which are actually very similar. But playing around with the various combinations and level adjustment can either confuse or delight. Yet one thing’s for sure though, you’ll need a spare hour or two to really find your sound – but believe me, it will be in there somewhere. Quality amplification requires quality speakers, and they don’t come much smoother and richer than Eminence. The JazzKat supports an 8 inch, which when fully driven conjures up smooth, liquid-y Polytones, which take you back to those jazz amps of choice for many a six stringer. We liked the clean lines and compact nature of this unit, with its clear control panel and its top set grab handle and sprung recessed heavy duty side handle. It’s also nice and light, so it won’t break your back. Info: www.ivormairants.co.uk