Jazz King Amp


Guitarists looking for that smooth, silky jazz vibe need look no further, this latest 140 Watt combo from Fender has everything you’ll ever need. Based on Fender’s already successful ‘Steel King’, this solid state amp has been specially voiced for jazz guitar. The all new preamp design has been specifically tailored to provide clean and versatile tone shaping, and is paired with a 15” USA made Eminence ‘Legend’ speaker, to deliver stunning sound, with a big full bottom and a smooth high end. Added to this is a long spring Fender reverb for that extra depth, plus a professional XLR line output with level control, ground lift and pre-post EQ, together with an effects loop and tuner output with mute. Also included is a three-button footswitch and a rather swish fitted cover. There never was a better time to get plugged in!