Shire King 60 Acoustic Amplifier


Finding an amplifier that will faithfully reproduce the sonic characteristics of an instrument without in some way tainting or colouring the sound, is almost akin to finding the holy grail. OK, it’s great to have the option of room/hall/chorus/delay etc – and the Shire King will offer you no less than 16 FX programmes on its high quality Alesis digital effects chip. But critically, should you want your amplified instrument to sound identical to it’s unamplified form, this particular 60 watt combo has been built to deliver a clean, neutral and unadulterated sound – and does it deliver! The 68w RMS continuous output power is fed into an 8 ohms, 8” cast frame enlarged magnetic loudspeaker and a 3” moving diaphragm tweeter placed in the small birch ported cabinet ( 17 Litre volume), it’s truncated wedge shape having been finely tuned to offer exceptional tonal evenness, whilst also maximising the projection of the acoustic guitar range. The control panel is recessed into the rear of the top of the cabinet where there are two channels.

The first of these comes with a 3 band interactive EQ and carries two high impedance inputs – one of which is an extra high > 20 meg ohms and is uniquely optimsed for ultra high impedance passive pick ups. The second channel has a high impedance input that will take active as well as undersaddle pick ups and a balanced locking XLR microphone socket, which can accept both dynamic and phanthom powered mics, the latter being activated by means of an accompanying switch. There is also a balanced XLR D.I. output, a line out, tuner out, FX loop send and return and a jack socket for phones. However, perhaps the most useful addition to this combo is the 230V to 115V voltage selector switch, which means that you can happily plug in and play whether you’re in London, Lisbon, Lusaka or L.A.

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