Dupont Stimer M12 Retro Combo Guitar Amp


If retro-1950s sounds are your thing, then this is the amplifier for you. French manufacturer and luthier Michele Dupont purchased the Stimer trade mark so as to bring back this iconic valve amplifier which accurately reproduces the original tonal quality while preserving that very distinctive look. Made entirely by hand in his Cognac workshops, the combo is constructed of parts made to the original specification of the original components. And there’s no built-in reverb, this baby comes as a pure and simple amplifying setup. I thought I’d try it out with its related kit, the Macafferri Selmer-style guitar, using a Dupont instrument and a Stimer ST48 retro pickup (also made by Dupont to the traditional specs). There’s no denying the retro sound. It’s bright, gritty and has an edge that could burn through the seat of your pants. Although the overall sound might be considered thin by today’s standards, when it’s fully cranked up and toned down, the ST48 delivers that typical svelty warmth of a traditional valve amplifier. So for those of you who are looking for the joie de vivre and authentic sounds of Paris in the late-40s this is it.

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