Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 Amp and Speaker Combo


Among the many lightweight but powerful micro bass amps on the market today one that really stands out from the crowd is US company Genz Benz’s Shuttle 6.0 bass amp. Weighing a measly 3.75lbs it’s the middle child of a trio of pint-sized powerhouses (there’s a 3.0 and a 9.0 too, yes that’s 900watts) this straightforward looking box has a simple control layout with gain, tube presence, mid tone/cut-boost/bass/ treble all present and correct. The secret to the Shuttle 6.0’s incredible power-to-weight ratio success is its clever blend of analogue and digital technology that produces a subtle mix of tube warmth with amazing punch and power.

The signal path utilises a 12AX7 tube preamp and Genz Benz’s acclaimed Active EQ and responsive Signal Shape circuitry, which can be controlled via an optional foot switch, plus there’s a signal mute button and three signal shaping circuits that include low boost, mid cut and high frequency attack. Using leading-edge high power Class D amp module, the Shuttle 6.0 can deliver 375watts at 8 ohms and over 600watts at 4 ohms. Completing this compelling package is the unique Shuttle “saddle” that slots the amp into one or two equally lightweight 12” speaker cabinets that are capable of impressively warm sounds at any volume. 

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