D’Addario T2 Titanium Strings


String manufacturer D’Addario has spent some time searching for an alternative to the standard nylon string for the classic and flamenco guitars that would increase projection and give a brighter tone, yet at the same time would respond to the touch in a similar way to the nylon model. They have found the answer in a dense monofilament material with a translucent purple hue and have recently launched the T2 Classical Guitar Treble Strings. Not only do these strings respond in a similar way to the traditional nylon product, they are undoubtedly brighter, with a defined edge and clarity of tone that will cut through cleanly in almost any format. Like all D’Addario strings, intonation characteristics are excellent and we were particularly impressed by the 3rd G string that offers an almost seamless transition between the bass and the treble strings. Available as singles in three tensions and multiple gauges, these strings may be designed for the classical player, but offer the nylon playing jazz player a new dimension and a dynamic range well beyond what has previously been possible.