AKG Elle C Vocal Microphone


There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the Elle C. AKG tell us that they have been out asking the chanteuses what they are looking for in a microphone, trying to build up an accurate picture of their acoustic likes and dislikes. From this, AKG engineers and designers have built up a raft of data that has been integral to the design and production of the Elle C. A condenser microphone, the silver Elle C has a slim and slender profile and features a frequency range of 60-20.000 Hz together with a premium 24-carat gold plated transducer case. In our studio test alongside two other well known branded mikes, we found that the Elle C had a presence peak in the upper register of between 1 and 8 Kh and threw out a massive 6Db more than our two marker mics – ideal if you need to cut through a mix! With a sweet, but biting sonic edge, the Elle C will doubtless find a foothold in the plethora of pop. For jazz divas though, it may be a little roar (raw!). But with some creative EQ – ing it could be the ideal foil for a big band. For info: www.akg.com