Shure KSM9 Vocal Microphone


The KSM9 is one of the latest vocal mics from the Shure stable, and its appearance has become one of the most talked about product launches of recent months. Attracting the attention of many high profile performers, the KSM9’s place in the history of the Shure dynasty seems already sealed. So what makes this condenser microphone so special? Put simply, the KSM9 is every jazz vocalist’s dream package. At the core of the system are the dual gold layered low mass Mylar diaphragms which provide for an exceptional frequency response that smoothes the highs, cutting out any harshness in the upper mid-range, while at the same time giving a warm and rich, focused low-end. Add to this the switchable dual cardiod/supercardioid polar patterns for maximum flexibility in all manner of performance applications, the advanced shock mount system isolating the cartridge from handling and stand noise, the premium gold plated components and a three-stage grill to reduce “pop” and breath noise and you begin to see why this package has become so sought after. I particularly liked the KSM9’s ability to handle various sound pressure levels at the same proximity, adding further flexibility to performance possibilities. Coming in black and champagne (matt silver) and in both standard and wireless formats, there is no doubt that this exceptional microphone looks set to become yet another Shure industry standard.